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Streaming Django Responses on Heroku

Django comes with a nice utility class for returning a stream of responses back to the user. This is useful for returning subprocess stdout or keeping up with the progress during processing of some file.

Not enough people use this helper!

Streaming Django Responses

Here's a small example:

import ...
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— 17 May 2016

My favorite pytest plugins

What is pytest?

pytest is a mature full-featured Python testing tool that helps you write better programs.

I use pytest on every project because of the ease of use and ability to customize/hook into certain aspects of the testing processes. For example, if I want to hook in before ...

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— 19 April 2016

How I'm using RiotJS and Django REST Framework

Yo man, what lib you using these days, Angular? React? Vue? Skrible? SomeOtherMadeUpNameJS? What about another one: RiotJS!?


We'll take a high level look at the tools I'm using on my current projects for making frontend <-> backend work fast and elegantly, in my opinion ;)

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— 23 March 2016

Getting player names from Twitch streams or an exercise in futility

I had an idea last month for a site based around identifying video game streamers while they are in game. If I can identify them in real time then I could have real time fantasy league style betting based around the stats... it was a fun experiment but my techniques ...

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— 16 December 2015

Transitioning from helpless to helpful

Four years ago I had no idea what I was doing in Web Development. Asking dumb questions in IRC all day was how I learned, scrounging through tutorials trying to make sense of anything. Now I'm the one answering the dumb questions!

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— 09 June 2015