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Top 5 best gaming documentaries of all time

The best of gaming competitiveness, attitude, culture and raw skill. To me these are the documentaries I'll look back at like my dad looks back at Superbowl 1.

StarCraft: Brood War

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— 11 May 2015

Debug running process on Linux

I am working on putting out a serious fire now. I am getting into that weird head space where you grow as a developer, the place where all hair is pulled out, desks are slammed, "WHAAT!?" is screamed every 45 minutes, but you can't really force yourself to take ...

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— 28 August 2014

Best Pycon 2014 Videos

I have been binge watching Pycon 2014 videos and I thought I might as well make that productive somehow, so here's a list of the best videos (in my very humble opinion)!

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— 19 May 2014

Chin Up motivation tracker

Chin Up is my personal motivation tracker. Every day I rate from 1 to 10 how I am feeling in certain metrics like strength, flexibility, relationships and happiness.

Home View of Chin Up

There are two types of metrics:

  • Daily - Measured every day
  • Monthly - Measured on the first of every month

It is meant to ...

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— 04 May 2014

Python Interview Tests

I have been applying to a lot of jobs lately and I've done quite a few "prove you know what's up" tests and projects. I think it might be a good exercise to go over them in my head and talk about how everyone could win from these tests.

Note: this write up is meant for remote development work!

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— 01 May 2014